Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here we go Again.....

IVF #2

I cant believe we are here....AGAIN....SO SOON! only 9 months after the delivery of our last (successful) IVF, we have decided to just "go for it" we don't like the idea of another 6 year gap between children, so while we are "in" the baby mode, we are just going to try. I mean how hard could it be? right? WRONG!

Here's our process:

Birth control pills to start things rolling or should I say "flowing" :)

followed with, prenatal vitamins, baby aspirin, and estrodial twice a day.

lurpon shots in the belly every day till my lining becomes thick and comfy.
vaginal suppositories twice a day up the cha cha (isn't that a pleasant image?)

Then the dreaded Progesterone in Oil (better known as PIO) or as I like to call it PIA (pain in the A**.... Literally!) Hubby "gets" to give me this tender loving shot in the hip every night for a possibility of 11 weeks! ( oh, I can only hope!)

Transferring 2 of our 4 frozen Blastocyst embryos back into my cushy warm uterus, or as I hope they call it "home"

THEN comes the WORST, The 2 week wait! I hate this part! I wish they could put me in some medically induced coma, and wake me after the pregnancy test (only if it is positive, of course)

going in to get the blood test.... I'm nauseous just thinking about it.

Now just to clarify, I am documenting this for my own entertainment, but I have found so much comfort in searching and reading others story's, that I decided not to make this a private blog, so if I say something offensive or disturbing to you.... That's your problem! I'm a hormonal MESS right now! I am not liable for any actions, during this process.

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