Friday, March 28, 2008


Milo and Swayze helped make double chocolate chip cookies tonight! they had so much fun! it was so cute, while they were making them, they sang "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..." (i dont know the title to it?) and they were clapping and giggiling, I just had to take a picture of these two silly kids!

If you notice, Milo has a little bit of a clean fettish, he hates getting his hands dirty, or anything else for that matter! But I dont mind that at all! he is my little baseboard scrubber, he will get a rag and go along EVERY baseboard in the house and clean it! what a good boy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nanny 911?

Some may look at this as child negligence,
but I thought it was cute!
While Milo was playing on the floor I layed Auggie next to him so Milo could entertain him while I was talking on the phone (to Nicole of course) I had my back turned to them, and I could hear Milo giggiling and Auggie was cooing and making all sorts of "talking" noises,
and this is what I saw when I looked over...
Milo was sliding him all around the wood floor! and Auggie looked so happy! Milo was really being gentle and soft, so he wouldnt fall off the blanket. So I felt that it was cute and not harmful, but in a way you could look at it and think "what kind of mom lets there 5 year old drag the 2 month old baby all around the Hard wood floor!?" well i did. Milo is just so eager to finally have a little brother to play with! now is that really so bad?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fevers, Carrotts and Candy

As you can tell milo is very excited that the Easter bunny came
and ate his carrotts he left out!
Easter should be full of laughs and Excitment right? Well lets just say ours was full of tears and comotion! Milo woke up at 12:00 last night and was Blazing hot! so I took him back to bed and took his temp. it was 105.0!!!! I stareted to panic, I told Russ, and we debated wether or not to take him to the ER, I gave him tylenol, and he finnally fell back asleep. I continued to check his temp all night long! (it was a LOOOONG night!) it stayed high all night, but when he woke up this morning it was gone! I mean give me a break! why do things like that only happen in the night! But, he is complaning that his throat and ears hurt, SO I called the on-call Doctor and she said there is just a nasty viral thing going through, and if he does'nt have the fever for 24 hours straight then he is fine?....... he may be fine, But im not! So for the time being, he will only eat Otter Pops. He would'nt even eat any Easter Candy...thats how I know he is not feeling well!
Happy Easter?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dying Easter Eggs...and countertops.

This year we opted for the classic white crayon design. Milo was just baffled by it all, and amazed that whatever he colored...stayed the same? So it was a pretty uneventfull Egg Dye, until, the cleanup! Ok, so I feel like a pretty intelligent person? well lets just get right to the point and say, that Red egg dye, stains granite countertops! I had no Idea! I guess I had this false image in my head that granite was like this all powerful stone that could withstand the elements of time? WRONG! well sort of. After much scrubbing (and many angry words running through my head) I was able to get MOST of it off with a granite polish? in certain light you can still get a little glimpse of pink.....
but thats ok, I like pink.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Flasback Friday

**Hawaii Edition **
Ok, so it's kind of hard for me to think of this as a flashback, because it does'nt seem like it was that long ago but it has been almost 6 years! I dedicate this one to all the old Hawaii posse, when I came accross this picture below it brought back a flood of memories, Let me explain.... Below we have a picture of what I like to call "COSTCO RUN" see, costco was quite a trip for us living in Laie, (and many of us did not have cars.....or at least cars that would make it that far!) So we would every month or so, Take a big feildtrip to Cotstco, and it really was like a feild trip, we would eat dinner there, get ice cream, the whole sha-bang! One of the best things about this particular picture is the car! this car belonged to the Counihans and was so rightly called the "zeypher" (i dont know how to spell it...sorry) I have no Idea the year or what company made it or anything! all I know is it was AWESOME! so awesome, that it even had grass growing on the floor of it! it was the perfect surf mobile/grocery cart in the world!
farwell good friend,we will miss you!
I forgot to add the BEST part about the Hawaii Costco. one of the workers there, that did one of the food sampling booths, would randomly yell out "it's so good, makes you wanna say yyeeehaaa!" you could hear it echoing throughout the whole store! ahh, good times.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bows, Bows And More BOWS!

SO I decided to stop using the "I just had a baby" card, and get back to WORK! So this is my first week back doing bows, and it was actually quite enjoyable! (give me a month and Im sure i'll say otherwise!) I think it is better now because I have a whole room deticated to Baby Bling! that way I can sprwal out and do some work for half an hour and shut the door when i'm done! now if I only had a little girl to put them on my life would be complete!
P.S. Order bows at:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fart Redwood?

So, Milo loves Lincoln Logs! Well, while we were getting ready this morning, Milo came running into our room all giggily and red in the face and said "Dad, the Lincoln Log Box says FART!" he went on to explain that "F" says ffff
"O" says AHHH "R" says rrrr and "T" says tah. FORT! not FART! so we had a little phonics lesson and he decided it would be funny to change the "O" to a "A" on the box. I have a feeling he will be letting many kids at school know that he can now spell fart.....we're so proud!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Green Day?

So this morning as milo was getting ready for school, we remebered that is was St. Patricks day. I told him that he needed to wear green, and he said "oh perfect! I will wear my Green Day Shirt! Well I couldnt argue with that! So I at least talked him into wearing a green shirt under that so he wouldnt be tortured at school!

And of course Auggie had to show off his Irish spirit and wear a little green, so we wouldnt pinch him all day, although we did can we resist! Just look at those cheeks!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Flashback Friday!

The First Car I Ever Purchased Was....

So, for those of you who cant tell, that is Russ, back in the old days with his super mc'dreamy long hair! If russ were telling about his car, he would have all sorts of mechanical lingo.....but to me it's just a Bitchin' Camaro! But what I do know is he loved this car! he still talks about it all the time, and I even catch him once in a while looking at them on craigslist like he is acttaully going to buy one again! ya, good luck fitting two car seats in that!

Next, we have my first car I bought, The Plymouth Laser! (and yes those are hubcaps!) I was so excited to buy this car! I thought (at the time) it was the coolest car in the world! I was obsesed with keeping it clean! But I do have to admit it was fast! I even got it to go 12omph (sorry mom!) well all good things come to an end, we sold it to move to Hawaii..not to bad of a trade. And as far as Russ' Rockin Camaro, well the picture below tells it all......

Thats what you get when you show off for your friends!
What was your First car?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Auggie's First Smile?

So we have all been losing our minds for the past couple weeks trying to get August to show some emotion! We tried EVERYTHING! he wouldnt even budge! I even went so far as to ask his doctor to check his hearing and eyesight, for fear that he maybe couldnt hear or see us! all of that checked out ok, but everytime we would try to get him to crack a little smile (and make complete fools of ourself) he would give us this "what u lookin' at" face. Well Finally after weeks of hard work, with no sign of recognition, he did it...well I think...OK, so its not the biggest smile but it's SOMETHING! and it must have been my lucky day because i had the camera right there next to me!Horray! he is alive!

Monday, March 10, 2008


(This Is Alissa and her cute little girl Marley)
Tonight we had a little Birthday dinner with Matt and Alissa Ward, I wont be the one to tattle her age, but I will say she looks absolutely AMAZING! she opted for the Birthday pineapple instead of a cake this year!
You dont look as good as her, by eating cake!
Happy Birthday Alissa!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Milo's Artwork

Ok. I know this subject is probaly getting old, but I just had to put this picture that milo drew on here! it is soo cute! if you cant tell, it is a picture of him and Swayze, well if you notice that the girl in the picture has black and yellow hair and swayze has blond hair? so i asked Milo why he drew her with black and yellow hair? and he said "Sometimes, when she stands in the sun, you can see light and dark colors of hair." I thought that was so cute! he drew her hair in the sunlight!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Milo Would Kill Me........

So this is the cute little girl, i have been talking about! Is'nt she the cutest think you have ever seen! (besides Julia...of course!) anyway, milo would absolutely KILL me if he knew i was telling everyone this little love saga of his! he is so funny about it, he does'nt even like to talk about it to Russ! and here I am sharing it for the whole world to see! i a bad mom? o- well, I think its cute!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My 11 Pound Blog!

So I took Auggie in for his 2 month check up, and he weighs 11 pounds!!!! just look at the size of this kid! As you can tell he is healthy, and growing perfectly! And when the nurses came in to tag team him with FOUR shots!, he only gave one little scream and then sucked his pacifier to death! what A good boy!

here is a full body shot of the little nuggett! you can barely see his little bandaids on his chunky little thighs:(

Saturday, March 1, 2008

"I Think I'm In Love!!!"

So Milo has this little friend at school Named Swayze. He talks about her all the time, and about all the cool stuff she can do like speak a different language, when I asked him what other language she could speak he said "she can speak Sharpae" for those of you who haven't seen High School Musical, will have no idea what I am talking about, but if you have seen it then you are picturing the obnoxious blond haired girl who uses the word "like" everyother word. with eyes wide in unbelief he said "she sounds just like her"!
Anywho... Back to the story, so he talks about swayze all the time. and just the other day he said they had a class project where your write a letter to someone in the class, well he got into the car after I picked him up from school, and he was just giddy! I asked him how school was and he said that he a gotten a letter from swayze he said" Mom There were no words!......Only a heart!" then he fell back into his seat and said "I think I'm in LOVE!!" I wish you all could have seen his face, he was almost surprised that these words were escaping his mouth! and since then he has made necklaces for her and drawn pictures of her everyday! Oh to be young and in love! I am terrified for all the heartache that is to come! I will have to post a picture of this new little crush!
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