Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School, Fun and Funerals

This has been a very busy week here! It started off with the Funeral of Russ' sweet Grandmother Betty Lola (Lola's namesake) It was a bittersweet occasion because Russ' Grandfather passed away exactly 4 weeks before his wife! It was sad to have them both pass, but it is comforting to know they are together, happy. I was able to do the casket pieces for the both of them, which is always enjoyable to me. it was a beautiful service. Milo was so emotional for Grandpas funeral, it was his first experience with losing a loved one and he is already a really emotional boy. He was a little better at Grandmas funeral, because he felt the peace and happiness in knowing that they were together. They will truly be missed.

Another big event this week... Milo Started School! 4th grade! Hallelujah! He was a little nervous the first few days, but he has been more excited lately. He is so hard on himself, it makes me so sad to see him struggle with his spelling and reading so much. I am anxious to talk to his teacher this year and see if she has any recommendations for ways that I can help him. there has got to be something! right?

Auggie will be starting Pre-school after Labor day, he is so excited and so ready to learn! it will be so Nice for me to only have 2 kids at home for 2 1/2 hours three days a week!

The Babies are just growing up, and I feel a little bad saying this, but I love it! I wish they were like 3 already. (three is the cutest age in my opinion) Oscar now has 6 teeth! and silly little Lola only has 2! they are developing such fun personalities. everyday is an adventure.

Milo eating his First Day of School, After School Snack... I may have had one too :)

Auggie and his cookie that i had to force him to eat, he thought it looked gross, until I literally had to force him to try a bite and he LOVED it! of course!


These were adorable little blankets and pillows that Nana gave to the Babies for their birthdays, They Love to snuggle them, and roll all over them!

"we climbed on the dishwasher, HIGH FIVE!"

Lola texting her Friends "my brother is so lame LOL"

Casket Piece for Grandma Ellsworth

Boutonnieres for pallbearers

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bear Lake, Birthdays and way to many pictures!

Why do I feel this tremendous guilt when I don't update!? I think it is because I love looking back over the years and reminiscing, and so when I am not keeping this up to date, I know I will regret it later! Anywho... here we are. The summer is over, school for Milo starts on Tuesday (4th grade!), preschool for Auggie starts next month, and my school starts in a week and a half! I feel like the semester just ended, O-wait! that's because it did. I am happy to report that I got straight A's my first semester back since having the twins! whoo hoo! lets hope I can keep it up next semester.

Well, The babies officially turned one on July 3oth. I still cant wrap my head around the fact that they have been here for a full year! I feel like it has all been a haze, is that weird? I kind of feel like I wasn't here? I don't know, it has just flown by!

They are getting so big! here are a few fun facts about them:

  • Can totally walk but chooses not to. he will walk on his knees everywhere!
  • makes the cutest kissy face.
  • loves to say "ahh choo"
  • is obsessed with pacifiers, especially Lola's pink ones!
  • Will eat just about everything, EVERYTHING! (even bird poop, yes, that's what I said.)
  • is a total mommas boy.
  • Loves to rough house with his 3 year old brother.
  • Loves to slap and scratch Lola. (naughty)
  • is an excellent napper!
  • Loves to dance by shaking his head (so adorable!)
  • has the cutest giggle I have ever heard in my life!
  • Wants to walk really bad! (but usually ends up falling flat on her face :()
  • Loves to sing (her fav: L-O-L-A Lola, L-O-L-A Lola.... You know.. right?)
  • scrunches her nose when shes happy
  • Picky  Picky eater.
  • Loves to clap her hands
  • can make herself throw up if she wants! what? anyone else deal with this?
  • dances at the sound of any music
  • Loves to wear hats and things on her head
  • says uh-oh
  • climbs on everything! fearless!
Now get ready for a million pictures. OK, not a million, that would take to long to load, but here are some of our recent adventures.
Lola Loves to be thrown up on the air, I think we have a million pictures like this, but I thought this was cute, cause she was in her fairy costume...


Lola clapping for joy as she eats her birthday treats.

So excited! that's how I am to when I eat chocolate...

and they're off!

Oscar showing his newest trick. If you ask him, "how old are you?" he will hold up his little finger.

mmmm, ice cream cone minus the ice cream.

chocolate.... 'nuff said.

Beautiful Blue Eyes!

She didn't want to take off this costume that she wore all day! such a girl.

Oscar decided Lola's looked better than his. He usually does this every time we eat.

Super cool big double swing!

Bear Lake, This is where we could find Milo most of the time!

Beach Baby!

Auggie and his best buddy Logan.. Par-tay!

This is one of my favorites! Look at the expression on the babies faces! hilarious. This was our "911" birthday party, Milo turned 9 and the babies both turned 1.. get it? ha. ha. ha.
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