Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Look out! Just 1 week shy 0f 8 months old, and the little rug rat finally figured it out. Time to start baby-proofing the house! not only does he crawl to each destination, manages to pick up any little piece of ANYTHING that he can find along the way, Like a little piece of carpet, or a tiny Lego. He also loves to pull himself up on things, like the really safe tiled fireplace. i have a feeling this kid is going to be a little more daring than Milo was. Just look at the size of him.... He's HUGE!

I took him in last week for his check-up (just a little late) and he weighs 19.5 pounds! that is more than Milo weighed at 9 months! but along with all that weight comes extra squishes from us, we just cant get enough of him!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doobies, Nachos and a little Jack Johnson...

Russ and I went with a few friends to the Jack Johnson concert last night. As excpected the music was amazing! But besides the great music, and good company of friends, we had a few extra "bonuses"...

First off, it was very crowded. We had alot of people cutting across our blankets and stepping all over our stuff. So for shear entertainment purposes only, we decided to put a plate of nachos in the grass in front of us so that someone would get a foot full of cheesy nachos when they got to close to us. Well we had a few good contenders at first, but the bright white plate was catching everyones attention. So Wally gave it a little "camoflage" and thats when the fun began. We had a few good laughs at all the highly intoxicated concert go-ers who stumbled thier way across our little trap.
Most of our giggles seemed to be in part to the cheesy nacho trap, but in fact, I belive that these two had something to do with our silly behavior...
I like to call them "the doobie brothers" they were standing in front of us the whole time, and they were passing back a "ciggarette" to each other that was relly fat and burned really bright! WEIRD? Needless to say, I think we all had a little secondhand inhalation going on, as you can tell by all the upcoming photos...
This is Russ and I before, anxiously and innocently awating a nice relaxing concert
And this is us toward the end of the evening...
Jared, Darrin and Darcie, I think Jared had the munchies?

Anne and James... they definatly had the munchies, Anne downed a whole bag of Resees Whips!

And what would the night be without the rockin prayingmantis who came to enjoy a little JJ.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day First Grade

So Milo satrted First Grade today! I cant beleive it! I think it was harder for me than it was for him! I was sick all day, thinking of him being gone all day, and having no control over what he came in contact with, what he ate, who he plays with etc... But He was super happy to go, and even more excited that he and Swayze had the same teacher AGAIN!
Since I was so worried that he wouldnt find his cousins to walk home with after school, I secretly went and spied on him to make sure that he found his way home after school! What A big boy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun in The Tub!

the other day while Milo and Auggie were in the tub, Milo would throw the towel on Auggies face and rip it off real fast, you would think that it would hurt but Auggie thought it was really funny!

And... these were just some cute pictures of Auggie in the morning, he is always so happy when he first wakes up! His little noggin looks like it is glowing, because of the window in the back! I love this little guy! he is growing up so fast, yet not fast enough... you know what I mean?

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