Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twins Nursery sneek-peek

Well, I am finally feeling more "complete" about the nursery. I still have a few more cosmetic details that I would like to do in there like some wall hangings and little "extras" but i feel like it's coming all together! I took on the task of making all my own bedding.... which was alot more work that I really thought it would be! TIMES TWO! Thanks to my mother-in law for helping me out a little, I was able to finish it! and I think it turned out super cute! It was a little challenging to find fabric that wold work well for boy and girl. We scored theses awesome cribs and changing table (couldn't fit it in the whole room picture) from some Friends of ours for a steal! and I found the cute and comfy rocker and ottoman in the classifieds for only 150.00! and I made a little matching slipcover for the ottoman to tie it all in. My husband was a trooper, and hung these cute chandeliers (from Ikea!) and he even went the extra mile and put a dimmer switch on them so we can dim them to a nice low light for all those late night feedings! it really is a super comfy, relaxing room. We love to just go sit in there and relax.

Here is a picture of me at 26 weeks with the twins, I am beginning to feel like I am getting that layer all-over and in my face! I made this super easy dress and belt! This pregnancy has made me be quite the sewer!
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