Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Snow!

This was taken from out my front door this morning. YA, that's snow right in front of our house! it is nearly June and we have a fresh layer of snow!

wishing for sun.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

OVERwhelmed. (and turning 32!)

Even thinking about writing this post is stressing me out. I feel like I have so much going on right now, and I feel so guilty when I think about how much I have slacked on my blogging! I am going to do a quick bullet point and picture update...

Easter (ya... its been that long!)

We had a pleasantly typical Easter holiday, we went to church, dyed Easter eggs, ate too much candy, and celebrated the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. priceless.

Spring Soccer Season!

Auggie decided that he wanted to do a somersault in the middle of the soccer game? why not?
 Both Milo And Auggie are in soccer right now, and between the two of them, we are swamped with practices and games! Milo's team has done really well and has only lost one game this whole season. Milo really enjoys playing goalie, and he has done really good at it! The babies love to come and cheer them on! Oscar just wants to get out on the field and play with all the big boys!

Back to School...
I decided to go back to school this semester. This is the first time I have been back since I was pregnant with the twins. i like to just go here and there and slowly plug away at some classes, my major id behavioral science with an emphasis in Family studies. I really enjoy the classes and find them useful in my everyday life. However, it is hard. hard to balance, homework, twins, a CRAZY 3 year old, Milo and HIS school, soccer, scouts, husband...well LIFE!! but it is the Summer semester so it is a little shorter than normal, lets hope I can do it!

Mothers Day

This is a picture of my Grandma, my Mom, my older Sister, Me, and my little Sister. I know, you can hardly tell we are related, right!? ;) Milo made me the sweetest card for Mothers day (as always, he is so good at that!) And we enjoyed a nice relaxing Sunday dinner at My older sisters in laws. good times.

The BIG 32!

That's right, last Monday, May 16th, I turned 32 years old. It feels a little weird that number sounds so old, but I don't "feel" that old? I have a continuous birthday week celebration that is still going on! Everyone has been so gracious and showered me with cards and gifts. My family took me out to Texas Roadhouse (i love a good burger) and I had to ride the saddle while they sang happy birthday to me (embarrassing) YEEE HAWW!


I feel like they have really hit a growth spurt for their milestones! here are few new things happening:

  • BOTH of them are crawling everywhere! Oscars favorite spots to go are the Bathrooms (of course!) we always have to try and make sure the doors are closed, but when they are accidentally left open, he speeds on over to them, and he is quick! Lola is content with just following Oscar, she knows that he knows where all the good stuff is, and she is not quite as fast as he is, which is nice. Oscar loves to pull himself up on everything, Lola will do it occasionally but not as often as Oscar does. They both have taken some pretty bad falls, but that's what comes with this stage!

  • Oscar still just has his two bottom teeth, and little Lola only has ONE little lonely bottom tooth!? I think that it is so weird that the second one didn't follow right after the first? Both babies are loving FOOD! Especially Oscar! he will literally eat anything that you put in front of him and he will eat a ton! Lola is a Little more picky and tends to gag alto more if she doesn't like the texture. Both of them eat 3 jars of baby food a day, and then will usually eat dinner with us if it is something easy for them (like spaghetti, rice, potatoes, bread, quesadillas, corn etc..) and they of course love their little cereal snacks! their pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start implementing regular milk, but I am a little timid to start trying this yet, since they had so may problems with their tummies in the beginning, and Oscar is still on the "Sensitive" formula. So maybe soon I will dare try it?
  • Sleeping is going... ok? they are still not sleeping through the night, But since we are not feeding them in the night anymore, it makes it more handable, to not have to get up and totally wake up to feed them. right now they still wake up a few times in the night and cry for no apparent reason. very frustrating. yet still, better that where we were a few months ago...So I will not complain.

  • Their little personalities are starting to emerge, They love to poke at each other and torment each other. Lola could barely touch Oscar and he will wail in pain, but if Auggie body slams him to the ground he will squeal with delight (he really looks up to auggie and feels he can do wrong) Oscar can be so whiny, but so sweet when he giggles. Lola is so mellow tempered 99% of the time and she loves to "talk" and "sing" she is contend just playing with her toes or watching t.v. she is mesmerized by watching people sing. Both babies love the older boys right now, and Milo is such a good helper when it comes to keeping them entertained.
I love this sweet face.
  Well! that is my life is a mad nutshell right now. Wish me luck as I try to survive the next few weeks!
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