Wednesday, May 19, 2010

24 weeks twins and belly pics

How far along: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs bring it on!

Symptoms: shortness of breath! I cant seem to catch my breath! It kind of feels like there are two babies using my lungs as a pillow oh wait...... there is!

Stretch Marks: none....yet.

Sleep: Not good. I still cant seem to get a good nights rest, I am finding it hard to breath at night?

Best Moment Last Week: Got my grades for last semester... straight A's! whoo hoo! good way to finish out the year!

Movement: YES! and come to find out at my ultrasound today baby A flipped into breach position also! so now I have 4 little feet using my bladder as a trampoline!

Cravings: Still.....STEAK AND STRAWBERRIES! ! and now the newest addition, APPLES! I really eat at least 3 or 4 whole apples a day! I LOVE THEM!

What I Miss: breathing. (nah it's overrated)

What am I looking forward to:Taking a little weekend get-a-way to St. George this weekend!

Milestones: Turned 31 this week!!!!!!

How is Daddy? loves when I walk in a room to say " Are you pregnant?" ha. ha.

below is my regular 24 week belly shot picture... hello! I really am having a hard time seeing where I go from here.. my belly feels SO huge! (and yes... that is my belly button)

This is a picture of me 24 weeks(on the left) and my friend who is 2 weeks away from delivery!

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