Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Transfer day!

this transfer day was a little bit different from the last time, since last time I was suffering from OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) so I was more relaxed this time and kind of nervous too, because we had no Idea till we got there if the Embryos were going to "thaw" and survive!

I had made this little shirt that said "Welcome Home" I thought if I wore it, it would be good "mojo" or something... I'll try anything!

Well after arriving we were told the thawing went perfectly and two of our 4 blastocyst embroys were ready to be transferred! then the feeling kind of hit like "oh, shoot, do we really want to do this!?"....Well of course we do! they took us into the procedure room and there is a very calm and peacful feeling there, they dim the lights and its really quiet. Then one of the technichians came into the rom and showed us the picture of our little embryos (which looked very different from last time, different as in, not as good. But we think they are beautiful and love them no matter what.) they proceeded with the transfer, and then we layed there for about 30 min (ok, iI really dont know how long it was because I was so sleepy from the valium!)

now, we WAIT.

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