Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween & Blessing Day

Thing 1 (Oscar) and Thing 2 (Lola)

The Babies are doing good, we have had some sickness around and I think they got a little stomach bug which was no fun. The only issue we are dealing with right now is their slow eating! It takes them about an hour to finish off 4 ounces! and most of the time they dont even finish thtat much! they are only eating about every 4 to 5 hours (if I try and wake them any sooner to eat they freak out and wont eat more than an ounce) so they are only eating about 16 ounces a day, and everything I have read says they should be eating around 24 ounces a day!? I would really like to start training them to sleep through the night, but I feel like they need to be eating more to do that? yes? no? Other than that they seem to be doing well? they are really begining to communicate and smile alot! they are so much fun!


Halloween & Babies Blessings

Things have been crazy!.... but fun! The babies are doing good and we all had a fun Halloween despite the rain. The Boys were able to go out and still get way to much candy, while me and the babies stayed home and handed out "scarrots" (bags of baby carrots!) Milo was so embarrassed he said he didn't want to be here when kids came so they didn't see that we were handing out carrots instead of candy! it was pretty funny to see every ones reaction when they realized it was carrots, some kids wouldn't even take them! it was a "trick" and a "treat"!
We also Blessed the babies this week, they were really great blessings and we had a little family get-together after, which was lots of fun and chaos! My friend Nicole made Lola's blessing dress, it is SO cute! I almost didn't get any pictures of them in their clothes, because they got so cranky after everyone left that I just wanted to put them to bed! but we managed to get a few..

And just for fun.........

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