Thursday, February 24, 2011


It seemed to good to be true that we could escape this winter season without someone getting really sick..
. Poor little oscar is staying the night on the hospital tonight. A few days ago he had got croup (most likley from his 3 year old brother who has had the worst case of croup for the past 7 days!) but even after a few doses of the steroid her just still wasnt doing the best, he was still really wheazzy and his cough started to sound more mucousy...and now lola stated to sound wheazzy. So I took them both on to the dr. today and after listening to both of them and doing some breathing treatments, it was decided that poor little oscar was just struggling to hard to breathe and would need to stay in the hospital to be treated and monitored. And little miss lola had to be taken to the hospital to get suctioned and tested for rsv. I really hope she can stay home and not have to come here too. So we are here for tonight and hopefully things can go well so we can go home tommorow! It is so hard leaving all my other kids at home. Milo cried when her heard I had to stay, it just breaks my heart! But I know that I will do whatever it takes to get oscar safe and healthy again. This is not fun.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

6 months old

The babies had their 6 month check up today (a little late...) They are growing and healthy! They are reaching all their milestones and now they are officially off the Elecare! Oscar still has to have the sensitive similac, but we can handle that!

Here are their 6 month stats:

Height: 25.75" 19th percentile
Weight: 15.03lbs 8th percentile
Head: 17.25 45th percentile

Height: 25.5" 33rd percentile
Weight: 14.01lbs 11th percentile
Head: 17 66th percentile

And some more pictures fotr your viewing pleasure.....

The older boys just couldn't resist a photo shoot on mom and dads bed!

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