Sunday, April 25, 2010

21 weeks, quiz and pictures!

We had our 20 week ultrasound this week! it was so awesome! Baby "A" (boy) measured right on and Baby "B" (girl) was just a few days behind, but the doc diBolddn't seemed concerned about that at all. all there organs and bones and EVERYTHING looked great! I have been working on getting their room finished and we got a steal of a deal on the cutest cribs form a Friend of ours who's twins just moved to bigger beds! I will post some pictures when I am done.
Other than that I have just been busy with finishing up this semester of school, I cant wait till its over!
I decided to do this quiz that I have seen on others blogs...

How far along: 21 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs (only 5 lbs. less than my TOTAL weight gain with my last pregnancy!!)

Symptoms: back pain!! my back kills, but when you consider the drastic change in my belly it makes sense. and just the past few days my ribs feel like they are being stretched apart?

Stretch Marks: none....yet.

Sleep: Not good. I toss and turn all night and I am usually lying awake in bed from about 4:00am to 6:00 am..... better get used to it, right?

Best Moment Last Week: the 20 week ultrasound! it was amazing to see how big the babies have grown! And it was very reassuring to see that everything looked good so far!

Movement: ALL THE TIME! I haven't totally been able to pinpoint which baby is giving all the kicks, but I feel alot of movement in my lower abdomen which is right where baby A (the boy) is.

Cravings: STEAK AND STRAWBERRIES! this has been my craving throughout the whole pregnancy! I cant get enough of either! I go through a whole 5 lb flat of strawberries in 2 days!

What I Miss: MEK Jeans (if anyone knows where to get maternity MEK jeans let me know!)
What am I looking forward to: Getting the nursery finished up! hopefully this week!

Milestones: LAST WEEK OF THIS SCHOOL SEMESTER!!! (then I am taking a break till after the babies come!)
How is Daddy? excited to see a big belly!
WEEKS 19, 20 and 21

That's, why my back hurts!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


NOT two boys! but, ONE BOY & ONE GIRL!!!!!!!

I cant even believe it! we are so excited for another handsome boy, and a long awaited little girl! WOW!

just kidding! NOT Two Boys!!!

I cant even believe it! I went in today for a much appreciated unscheduled ultrasound, and found out that one of our supposed little boys was not so much boy anymore! It's a GIRL! so we are blessed enough to be expecting a sweet little boy and a precious baby girl! I guess I have a few items to return!
Other than that, things are going pretty textbook on the pregnancy symptoms... I have massive back pain, although that is not to surprising seeing how fast my stomach has grown! and I get heart burn often, you know the kind that feels like acid is eating your esophagus away :) fun. I really am quite surprised how fast my stomach just grew over the past few weeks. I have even had people come up and rub it! good thing I don't get weirded out by that. I am so excited to know the "true" genders now and start planning a nursery! I really want to have things ready fairly early this pregnancy, seeing how my other two pregnancy's I delivered at 36.5 and 35 weeks. time to shop!
here are some recent belly pics, it is amazing to see the difference in one week! the top picture is 17 weeks, and the bottom is 18 weeks! wow! here we go!
17 weeks
18 weeks
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