Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tommorow's the big day....

So I go in tomorrow morning for the official blood test. But, I am pretty sure, that 15 home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. I am really just glad, i am going in knowing that it is going to come back negative, so it wont be a big shocker when they call with the results tomorrow afternoon.

So if ever I needed a miracle.... now is it! BUT, the good news is, I have 2 more frozen little embies left, so we have 1 more chance! (if my body can handle it!)

Wish me luck

Stranger things have happened right?

1 comment:

summer said...

Good Luck! My new theory to help you feel better is this, "Maybe the embryos looked different this time because they were not as far along as Auggie, so that's why the test is negative, you just aren't producing enough HCG yet." Did that work?

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