Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy 1st Year Oscar and Lola!

Today is Oscar and Lola's First Birthday! We just got home from Bear Lake a few hours ago, so I only have time to post a quick picture and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY babies! I cant believe it!

More to come soon!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Summer...

I just cant seem to catch up! This summer is just moving along so fast! I have been so busy with School and Work that I haven't had a second to blog or post any of the million pictures I have taken this summer. And to top it all off, Milo is turning 9, and the babies are turning 1, in less than 2 weeks!!! I can hardly believe it. it really has gone by so fast. so fast. We are going to be at Bear Lake for their birthdays, but I am sure we will be doing a big family party when we get home, but that is just one more thing i need to do! My house is no where near the point of cleanliness I want it to be. I am struggling with Auggie and his 3 year old craziness. I have not exercised in over 3 years. BUT, I'm alive. My kids are alive and healthy (except for the little bout of pink eye we have right now.) and I guess that is good enough for now?

Oscar is now walking small distances, and Lola is trying so hard! I think she just loves when she gets attention... oh boy! we're in trouble with her!

I really have SO many pictures and for some reason my computer is not letting me get them all right now, so i will just post what  I can for now and hopefully get more on later...

Sweet Lolitta, everywhere we go people comment on her big brown eyes! she loves to give everyone big smiles!

The Boys did some fun Tie Dye shirts, it was a huge mess! but turned out so cool! I will have to post some finished product pictures when my computer is cooperating.

Pretty roses from our yard. They smell sooo Good!

Oscar ENJOYING his otter pop. I think it feels really good on his growing teeth!

This was my yard sale fancy find, i use it as my Pretty Paci holder. Cute. right?
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