Thursday, May 29, 2008

Milo's Job

One of Milo's jobs around the house is to help load the dishwasher. Well his favorite thing about loading the dishwasher, is putting the soap in. I usually help him load it, then I go off and do something else while he finishes and puts the soap in, Well for some reason today I was rinsing off a few things at the sink and when I looked down this is what I saw...

The stuff was just oozing out! he even had allready shut it once and decided that it was'nt quite enough, so he opened it again and put MORE in!

As you can tell by the look on his face, he was a little shocked when he heard the camera snap a picture, after that our conversation went a little something like this...
Me: MILO! What are you doing?!
Milo: What! (kind of like he was surprised I had to ask)
Me: Why are you putting so much soap in there?
Milo: This is how much I always put in!
Me: Uhgggg! (while gritting my teeth in maddness)
Milo: Mom, dont you ever wonder how the dishes are so shiny? (while gesturing down to the overflowing soap)
And all this time i just thought we had a really nice dishwasher....looks like we do...Milo.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Flashback Friday...Birthday Style.

So last Friday was my Birthday, So I decided to dedicate this Friday to a little "birthday flashback" and do a little remenising of past Birthdays. It was really challenging to locate all these pictures! But I found as many as I could, and it turned out to be quite the collection, so hold on! This could take a while!

Here we are... this is my 5 year old birthday! I am the only one NOT looking at the camera, but looking like I am having a super fun time! (I'm sure Anne, -my sister in the front- is going to love this picture!)

7 years old- I remember I got this little birthstone ring that I thought was the finest gift a girl could have! Just look at Chely with her red Kool-aid Stach eye-ing it!

Ok, So you cant see in this picture, But that great big smile on my face is'nt because of my super cool hair and oufit!, it is because I had received my very first OWN bike! It was a purple bannana seat bike with Unicorns and rainbows! ahhh, I loved that Bike! and dont be laughin' at the teeth! That is a whole other blog in itself!

Jump forward now to 1998. This is Me, Kellie and Nicole. this is the birthday before I got married, while me Nic, and kellie were all roomates....good times.

This is in 2001, at a little Birthday get-together with Ben & Ladonna and Matt & Alissa Ward, while we were out at BYU Hawaii, Alissa had made me a heavenly cheescake! (dont ask me what Matt was doing in this picture? I wouldnt expect any less!)

These next two picture really make me laugh, The First one is 2002, and the next one is 2003. And, If you havent allready noticed, I am wearing the SAME shirt (how embarassing!) I think the reason it is most embarassing is... in the first picture I am 7 Months pregnant! and in the second one, Milo is 10 months old! Lets just say, I had a little bit of a hard time losing that "baby weight". The other thing that makes me chuckle when I look at the second one is Russ' face, it looks like he is trying to help me blow out the candles! too funny.
This is the last, and I think this is my Most favorite! This was just last year, and so much was going on, I was going through in-vitro and had just had the Embryo's transffered that day! (that is why I am lying in bed and looking a little groggy) it's kind of hard to tell, but that little picture that Milo is holding is the picture of the two little embryos that they put back in that day. and Just two weeks later I received one of the best presents ever...It worked! Another favorite in this picture is The Cake! Milo had Totally decorated it all by himself! it had no frosting, little pile's of sprinkles sparatically placed on top, a heart-shaped mint pattie in the middle, and two random candles (that I think came out of our 72 hour kits :)) he was so proud!
Well I hope I have many more spectacular Birthdays to come! yah me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Weekend...Woo Hooo!

This weekend started out with a fun girls night on Friday night with Nicky. We went to Thanksgiving Point for a nice romantical dinner for two, then went and had pedicure's. It is always so much fun to get out without the kids. The best part about this picture is how it was taken, as we were driving home, I remembered that I had my camera, and we had'nt taken any pictures of our "date" So when we got back to Nicoles, we asked her babysitter if she would take a picture of us? She looked at us like we were CRAZY! And now as I think about it, we kind of are. We dont think we are that old, but she probaly looks at us like we are old haggard mothers! o-well, We had fun, and thats all that matters right?

Next, Sweet little Milo went into our backyard, which consists of weeds and dirt, and picked me this beautiful bunch of "flowers" it was so cute, he was so excited that we had "flowers" growing in our backyard!

This is a Cute little plate that Milo made in his Kindergarten class, for Mothers Day! Flowers are some of his favorite things to draw.

Then we have "the cake" So Milo and I have been quite entertained latley, by watching "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network channel. One day while watching, Milo said, "Mom, do you think you could decorate a cake?" Well i took this as a challenge. Of course I can decorate a cake!...Right? Well lets just say, it's not as easy as they make it seem. I did'nt have all the right "equipment" so in order for me to make a 3 teired round cake, I used to round cake pans (for the bottom layer) and then I used a cookie sheet for the rest, which meant I had to cut out 5 layers of cake to make the to 2 teirs! And then put them all together!! Let's just say, I dont think I will be doing that again for a long time. (Milo helped on the design process, if you cant tell by all the flowers and bows.)

Hey, are we related?

And of course what would Mothers Day be, without the crazy mom shuffle. We enjoyed a little time at the Lowrys and a little time with my side. We Love All the "Moms" in our life, and I'm glad that we have a whole day just for Moms!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Flashback Friday! ( I warned you...)

9th Grade Night Dance!
I just couldnt resist! once I came accross this picture, a flood of memories came to me! So... Im pretty sure this was kind of a big deal. It was like the final chapter to Jr. High, it was a glimpse of times to come for High School! I can remember going to find a dress to wear (which by the way, in case you didnt notice, me and alisa thought it would be fun to get the same dress! And i am pretty sure Amanda and Sommer have the same dress too...right?) But, I really cant remember anything much that went on at the dance, besides being totally mortified to dance with BOYS! But looking at this picture and seeing all theese old friends just brings a smile to my face! ahhh....good times.
And what kind of flashback would this be without a little "Boyz To Men"
(I still get this nervous feeling when I hear this song, and think of all the awkwardness that comes while dancing at the school dances!)

Monday, May 5, 2008

4 Months Old!

Auggie turned 4 Months! yesterday. I cant believe how fast he is growing! He weighs a whoping 14 Pounds! He really is so much fun, and is a really great sleeper!

I have tried and tried to get his sweet little smile on camera, but he is really stubborn! he dosent just hand out smiles to anyone. Just look at all those little folds of chub, dont you just want to squish him?

His latest and greatest fascination is SUCKING HIS HANDS! he cannot get enough of those chubby little fingers! He even sucks and chews them so much that his little hands are all chapped and red from all the suckage! We Love Auggie!!!

And of course...... how could we forget, Milo is 69 months old!
We Love Milo Too!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Flashback Friday (just a little behind!)

Ok, Ok, you can stop laughing now! I guarantee at least half of the people reading this blog have a picture like this! So if you cant tell, this flashback is dedicated to the good ol' "Glamour Shots" And if you are wondering, this was taken back in 1992! When Milo saw this he asked "mom, is this your wedding day?" I was only 12! years old! Why I felt the need to get all glammed up to look like a 30 year old soap opera star is beyond me! here's a few questions i have while looking at this photo: Why Green? and What is that thing anyway? if I remember right, it was just a bunch of random fabric bunched all up around me to look like some fancy Scarlet O'Hare get-up?

Next we have the "Casual" jean jacket with the collar up look. (way cool back in 1992?) Well I'm not quite sure what the buzz was all about in these pictures, but I do remember feeling like a moviestar when i first got Not so much. So ladies, dig around and find your "Glamour Shots" and share! (it's quite therapeutic!)
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