Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Bling Bows Casting Call!

Calling all Baby Girls! if you live in Utah County and would like to enter you Baby Girl for a chance to be one of the new faces for Baby Bling Bows then click on the link below for more information on how to get in on this spectacular event! Share this with your friends!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fun Times = Fun Pictures

We love the weather as of late. we cant get enough of being outside! The twins are LOVING the trampoline, they are so daring and try to do everything their older brothers do.
One of these days I am going to do a detailed update of all the day....right?
To sum it up, we are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! I just finished this semester with straight A's! Bow business is booming and growing, and we have a meeting next week in NYC with Bloomingdale's!!! So excited for that, if you have any "must-see" or good eats suggestions let me know! I just turned 33! i really don't feel that old. AND, the twins are turning 2 in a few months!! Party!
Silly Little Lola.

Jumping Bean.

WEEE! notice the dirty knees. She has 3 brothers.

Oscky found the dirt.

Didn't take long for Lola to join in...

Handsome Little Aug.

A centerpiece I did for a wedding.

A picture of the solar eclipse from our house. kind of cool?

33 years of fun.

Barstool Re-do

I have these bar stools that were given to me, they are the kind with the wicker seats, and since they are fairly older, they would constantly break apart and drop pieces of wicker all over the floor! it was getting very annoying sweeping up after evrerytime someone would sit down. however, I didn't have the money to buy new barstools (at least the ones that I would want.) So I decided to try and re-do my old ones.
This was a fairly inexpensive project that didn't like very much time at all. I was able to  purchase all the supplies I needed for this project at my local wal-mart.

I used:
8 cans of spray paint
2 yards vinyl fabric
4 foam pad squares
Hot glue gun

total cost: approx. $35.00
not to bad for 4 "new" barstools!


Notice the wicker seat. 
I removed the chair seat from the base. I cut out the foam pad to match the shape of the seat. it doesn't have to be to perfect, because the fabric will pull it out pretty smooth.

 Next, I cut the vinyl to be a few inches bigger than the size of the top of the seat. Then I layed the seat with the foam side down, on top of the back of the fabric. i worked my way around the entire seat, pulling the fabric up and over while laying a strip of hot glue to hold it on. Once I glue it all around and everything was secure, I cut out another piece of fabric that matched the shape of the bottom of the seat to cover all the gluing i had just done. And I hot glued that down as well.

While you have the seat off of the chair base, you can spray paint them any color of choice. I couldn't make up my mind, so I did a little mix:) all of these colors were found at wal-mart! each stool took a full 2 cans of spray paint which was a little surprising. let your chairs dry and replace the re-upholstered seats back on, and that's it! easy!


I used a vinyl fabric because I wanted something that would be easy to wipe down. But I am sure you could use an fabric you wanted, The fabric and paint options are limitless to customize to your style.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easters {in pictures}

You would never know that this was taken in a vacant dirty lot next to our house and that Lola's face was filthy, with sticky candy and dirt! But it turned out so cute!
Augy checking out his Easter stash.
Oscar decided to ditch out on the Easter egg hunt, and play in the dirt instead.
Milo holding tight to his Easter egg finds.
Augy. love this kid.
Oscar and Lola's new favorite thing: Ring Around The Rosie!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Song of the year...

I made this little craft for my dear friends birthday. Just a little song quote that comes to my mind at least 100 times a day... sing along if you would like... it feels good.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One of these days I will catch up... But not today.

I am so behind. In everything. I should probably just change the name of my blog to: My life {in pictures} because that seems to be all I have time for lately! I am "hoping" that once I get this semester finished, I will have a little more free time? we will see. but for now, this will have to do.

Oscar and Lola on their first trick-or-treating experience...

Oscar was SO excited, he didn't care what he was wearing!

All the kids ready to go!

Lola knew there had to be something good behind that wrapper!

Milo as Micheal Jackson...

Crazy hair day at school.

The kids sporting their Argentine jerseys that Grandma brought back from her trip.

Oh how I miss eating outside! just sweep it of the deck for the birds. Now, all that is o my kitchen floor!

Milo and Cousin Zane at their last soccer game of the season.

Lola cheering for Milo at his early morning soccer game. Boots and Jammies!


Oscar was REALLY into the game! he cant wait till he is old enough to play

Me and Babies...

Its kind of hard to see... but my sister dressed up as ME! for Halloween, she tied two babies to her legs...yep! sounds about right! Oscar and Lola dressed as Peter Pan and Tink, and I pulled out the good ol' Pocahontas costume for another year.

When all else fails, just put on a huge wig and call it good! ;)

Too cute!
Augie, as ASTRO BOY! I was surprised by how many people didn't know who Astro boy was? we homemade this nifty little costume... not to shabby?

Maybe next time I will actually post something worth reading... maybe.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

week re-cap {in pictures}

We offically have WALKERS! both the babies have been doing little steps here and there for months now, but they would never just walk freely. Well, just this week, while we were playing with the kids outside, Lola started to stand up all on her own and start walking! it was crazy because she had never done anyhting like that before! and the best part was that we have it on video! it is so cute.

Exactly on day after Lola decided to start walking, Oscar started doing the same. I really feel like they are so much happier now that they can walk! I probably will be regretting it soon, but for now it is a welcomed change.

Augy started pre-school this week, and he absolutely loves it! It is so great for him to get out and be with kids his age, and have a little structure. Plus, I love the one-on-one time I have with the babies while he is gone. While he is not at school, he is constanly riding his power wheels, he is obsessed!

 (this is a really poor picture) This is Milo and his map of Utah made with rice crispy treats. He was so excited about this.

Russ took the boys dove hunting, and "we" (meaning Russ and Milo) enjoyed some homemade dove nuggets. mmmm?

 This is a creepy spider the boys found, we kept it for a day, then let it go...far away from our house.

 Beautiful September sunset view from a park by our house...

Lola doing her baby Yoga :)

And last but not least... Russ and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last Monday! (we look like babies in this picture... )
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