Monday, October 13, 2008

The Auggster... 9 months old!

Auggie had a little professional photo shoot, taken by the Amazing Tiff! she just captured his little personality so perfectly! theese are only a few of the MANY amazing moments she captured. he was such a little poser, I love this kid...
classic Auggie
(drooling with his tounge out)

Big boy!
He looks like such a little grandpa, wih his little "Mr. Rogers" sweater on.

I just love that little face...

trying to take his hat off...
I need to get some video on here of Auggie walking! he is able to take a few steps, and is climbing everything! (like the stairs!) here we go....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dead Deers

if you get woosey at the sight of dead animals, or have a soft heart for the movie Bambi, then you may not want to proceed to look at these photos.

Well last week was the annual Deer Killing fest. so this is a special post for just for Russ, however, Russ dosent like to support my blogging addcition, so these photos will be narrated by...ME!

Everyone is so happy to have dead deer laying on the front lawn! nothing calls for a family photo opp like dead rotting animals.

I think Russ is trying to rip the antlers (is that what they are called?) off it's head?

Horray! we killed Bambi.
as you can tell it was a succesful hunt this year. And I am pretty sure they are allready planning next years! oh geeez!
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