Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunny days...

Lola, exploring the grass. Not only does she love to crawl on the grass, but she doesn't mind eating it either.
(better grass, than the bird poop I found Oscar eating the other day.)

We always refer to the babies as "puppies" they seriously follow us around everywhere! and the just crawl all over and climb up you, and push each other down, its crazy!

Milo, Milo, Milo... this kid is getting so old. he is beginning to ask us so many questions about EVERYTHING, science, god, death, and (gulp) babies. here we go!
this is Lola's newest face/trick. She has learned that if she does this, she will get allot of attention by everyone around her, so she does this to  people at the grocery store, church the park, restaurants... everywhere! she loves attention! should I be nervous?

Oscar. he is such a mamas boy. He is constantly trying to get into places he shouldn't, this is the door to the master bath room, he will wait there till someone comes out and tries to force his way in! if he sees any bathroom door left open he will speed right over to it! and he is fast! (I feel like he has these jammies on in every picture I post of him? weird.)

This is the only  blurry washed out picture I had of little Auggie now that is is warm outside. He is consonantly on his power wheels ( or as he like to call it his " Tron nota-cytol") he insists on wearing the helmet even though I don't make him and  he tells me that his hair look like Thor?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silly Lola

 Now that the babies have learned to pull themselves up on everything, I love when I go in to get them from their naps or in the morning, and they are peeking through the slats in the crib, Oscar has stopped doing it and stands and jumps instead of peeking, but Lola still just peeks through till we get her out. so cute.

Lola is also our best little sleeper, she sleeps longer and harder than Oscar. Here is proof, she has her pacifier imprinted on the side of her face, nothing phases this girl!
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