Sunday, July 4, 2010

31 weeks... dialating.

Seriously! I cant believe how huge my stomach can/will/is stretching! it's pretty amazing! Well I had my 30 week check-up appt this week, and was surprised to learn that I am already dilated to a 1 and a half and 50% effaced! this concerned my OB so he sent me to the hospital for monitoring and to get the steroid shots for the babies lungs.. just to be safe. I haven't been feeling any contractions and the babies are looking great, so he put me on "modified" bed rest, I basically just need to take it a little more easy... Like no more bike rides, jumping on the trampoline, vacuuming, mopping.. ya know, all the fun stuff! I really want to do all I can to keep these babies baking in here! My OB was saying, "lets try to make it to at least 34 weeks" I'm thinking not 34! more like 36! we will see, I guess?
How far along: 31 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 29 lbs And more to come!

Symptoms: pressure! no contractions... but alot of pressure! and very sore back!

Stretch Marks: Still none!

Sleep: I wish! when I lay down I cant breath and have bad acid reflux, when I prop the pillows up my back really hurts! when I lay on either side my ribs feel like they are going to collapse! I know, I know...whaa whaa!

Best Moment Last Week: finding out that the babies aren't breech anymore! baby A is head down and baby b is transverse, but more head down than feet! hope they stay that way!

Movement: OH MY GOODNESS! these kids are already out of control!

Cravings: Apples. Apples and Apples. and a little steak still every now and then...

What I Miss: Diet Dr. Pepper ( I have done pretty good with no caffeine this pregnancy.)

What am I looking forward to: making it to the next 34 week milestone! 3 more weeks!

Milestones: 31 weeks!... every week counts now!

How is Daddy? Terrified. seriously.

Here is a picture from a baby shower that my mother and sister in-laws gave me! it was so much fun! I got so many cute things!

This is it. the big 31 week picture! ouch.. my achin' back!


Amanda said...

From someone who spent 3 months in a NICU, please take it easy. Don't do anything you don't have to. There is SOOOO much stuff that no one talks about that happen in the NICU. Preemie babies have years of therapy to help them overcome being born too early. It is a long hard process. I don't want you to have to experience it with 2. I want you to enjoy them. Keep those babies baking!!!! Hang in there, you look great! I had lots of pressure too, and low and behold, I was dialating, but I was 27 weeks along when Matthew was born. You are already in the 30s so WAY TO GO!!

Romney Family said...

Seriously Cyndi you are the cutest pregnant lady. The only thing that is remotely big on you is your stomach. And if it makes you feel any better I gained 50 with alyssa and 42 with Owen and i only had one in my tummy. Take it easy and I am so excited for you guys!!!

Cami said...

Oh man you look so FREAKIN good!!! Are you sure there is two in there??? I gain more weight than that with 1....:) I can't believe how cute their little room is you are one talented lady sooo cute!!!

Jason, Alyson, Kaci, Brynley & Ashlynn said...

you still look terrific! take at easy girl...keep bakin!

Rocia said...

you look awesome cyndi! i can't wait to see these little people. i will pray for a little darky for you...maybe your girl? julia is still praying...poor thing.

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