Monday, July 26, 2010

34 WEEKS!!! still here! Twin belly timeline

This is really a big milestone for us! I now am able to get off strict bed rest and move around a bit.. although my body is saying NO WAY! it is nice to get up and not feel like a total waste! at my 34 week check today I was dilated to a 3 and a half and 80% effaced, my Dr. bumped me down to my contraction medicine only every 8 hours instead of every 4, so now we just wait! I keep telling everyone, that I will probably be one of those people that gets off bed rest and then finally has to be induced at 38 weeks!

I thought this little timeline would be fun... enjoy!

here are the 34 week questions:

Total Weight Gain: holding steady at 29 pounds, not alot more room to put my food in!

Symptoms: pressure! some contractions... but alot of pressure! and very sore back!

Stretch Marks: Still none!

Sleep: never. toss and turn all night, which is one of the hardest things to do when it feels like your tummy weighs 100 pounds and is going to rip off with each turn!

Best Moment Last Week: both babies are now head down! but now I'm a little scared... what if I cant get them both out!?

Movement: Baby A has slowed down alot on his movement, but I feel like that is because he is so crammed down there he has no where to go!?

Cravings: Still.......Apples. Apples and Apples. and maybe crushed ice right now..mmmmm

What I Miss: Not being in so much pain everyday.

What am I looking forward to: getting these babies out of here! (when their ready of course..)

Milestones: 34 weeks!!! that was our goal! getting off of strict bed rest this week!

How is Daddy? So helpful! I couldn't have made it this far without all his help!

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