Saturday, July 17, 2010


Wow! I feel like so much has happened since my last post! I went for my bi-weekly NST and they did a Ffn test which came back positive, but i guess that, that only gives a small chance of delivering in the next two weeks? Then, I had my appt. with the MFM doc and tuns out that their must have been something wrong with the ultrasound machine at my Dr's office because both babies were in a perfectly fine range? (somewhere in the 20th percentile) their abdomens were measuring a little smaller than the rest of them but they weren't to concerned. they are both weighing in at approx 3lbs each! when I went in on Thursday for my NST I was having pretty steady contractions, so they gave me that horrid shot again that makes me all shaky, and that didn't stop them, so they gave me some other pill to try and stop them and they also checked my cervix and i was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced! so after some more monitoring they sent me home with some medication to stop the contractions, that I take 3 times a day. and orders to be on strict bed rest.! BUT, they also said that once I hit 34 weeks I can be taken off the bed rest and off the medication! so until then, here I am, feeling completely helpless I know that staying down is what is best for the babies right now, but it is very hard when you have two other children to take care of! luckily I have the most supportive husband in the whole world! he really has bent over backwards to make sure I don't do a thing! both of our family's have really helped out too! we also live in such a great area and our neighbors have brought dinners by, taken the kids so my husband can work. I really feel so humbled and blessed to have such a good network of friends and family! more appts to come! here we go!


Emily said...

Oh no. I hope the bedrest goes quickly! It will all be worth it in the end when you are holding your sweet twins! Keep us posted!

sonja said...

I was worried when you didn't update for a while! Thank goodness those babies are still baking! Take it easy ... when I got my Ffn test back as a positive and was dilated to where you were the babies came in just a few more days, so PLEASE lie super still and drink TONS of water!!

Worrying and praying for you!!

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