Sunday, July 25, 2010

has it been that long?!

Whew! I have been slacking on this blog! since there is no way I can blog everything that has happened from now since last time i blogged, I will just give a quick update...

baby news... Still cooking! I am at 34 weeks! I cant believe I have made it this far! I seriously feel like my body is falling apart! my back and my hips kill! but hey, it will all be worth it....right? I am feeling pretty prepared? We have our two cribs, two bassinets, two swings, two car seats, two rocking chairs..... you get the idea..TWO! still seems pretty unreal that we are close to having TWO babies that are going to throw us for one crazy ride!
( me, Milo and Lexi at Nana and Papas for a little firework fun! I know, I know I look like i have one of those huge exercise balls under my shirt!)

Milo, is turning 8 tomorrow! I cant even believe it! he is SO excited to get baptised this Saturday! (hopefully the babies will cooperate till then!) he is having a day of fun tomorrow, I will have to post pictures after! AND he decided he wanted to cut his hair! he looks so grown up!

Auggie... where do i begin!? he is definitely in the terrible 2 stage of life! and i can only imagine it might get a little worse when the babies come? but we love him to death anyway! even though he spends the majority of his day in timeout for hitting, pinching or yelling. its all just a phase.....right?...please?

(Milo, Russ and Auggie wearing there Argentine Jerseys that my mom brought back from Argentina.... cute boys!)

Russ, has been an allstar husband taking care of me, the boys, the house and work! while I have been on bed rest. I really am so lucky!

well I will hopefully be blogging more soon!


ashley ann said...

Cindy!!!! Your prego belly is so amazing! I can't believe how great you look...I am so excited for you!! We just moved back to Utah a few weeks ago and I would love to see you!!!! I am a great babysitter...please let me know if you need anything and when you are up for some company!!!! Good ya!

Jilly Bean said...

How exciting! Your boys are getting so big! You look fabulous! The only thing about you that looks pregnant is your tummy! Good luck in the weeks to come! Enjoy your precious babies!

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