Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is weird....
I have this weird blood blister thing on the INSIDE of my belly button? i have tried to google it, and see if anyone else has experienced something like this and found nothing!? so if any fellow IVF-ers out there have heard of anything like this please do tell! I think i will call Dr. Marrs tomorrow and see if he knows anything about this!

Other than that... I am still really full in the belly and VERY sore in the ovaries and back! i feel a little nauseous at times but i think that is due to my belly being full of fluid and large ovaries?

I am still very emotional, but a little optimistic? just a little. I asked Auggie today if he wanted mommy to have more babies and he said "ya" and then i asked how many? and he said "two" (two being the only number he knows right now.... but we can just think that he really knows the future of our family right?) and then i said are they girls or boys? and he said "kitties!" (and proceeded to meow like a cat) so maybe he doesn't know as much as i think he did? good times.

I am very thankful for all the distractions going on this week. Tomorrow is Russ' birthday! and then we have all the exciting Christmas events the rest of the week! and then the Big blood test on the 29th!


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