Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Milo's ROCKIN' 6th Birthday!

Milo's Birthday was a blast this year! he chose to do a "rockstar" party theme. we took this picture for his invitations, I was trying to get him to be crazy and stick his tongue out and stuff but he just told me he wanted to look really "cool" so that's what we got.

We had all the kids decorate their own guitar and had a little air-guitar concert.

We also gave "tattoos" to all the kids and spray painted their hair to give them that rockstar look.

The Rockin Pinata (always a hit)

Joel giving his best rockstar jump!

Kaysha rockin out!

Milo and a little air-guitar!


Zane, i think he was jumping, but it looks like his feet are on the ground!

Milo's cousin Gage came and gave a personal concert for the kids while they ate their cake and ice cream. The kids loved it! they were all so intrigued by gages awesome guitar skills!

The Sweet guitar cake. Milo was very specific on how he wanted it to look, he had this vision in his head of this cake. don't look to close!

Mmmmm, blue frosting! all the kids had perma blue faces!


A fun game of "pass the mic" I must be having a real fun time, my eyes are totally closed in the back ground!

Kaiya with the Sweetest costume!

Parker still rockin' out even with a broken leg!

And this is what he cake looked like before I decorated it! lets just say, you only need ONE cake mix. So after all was said and done, after I cleaned up the massive mess! and Milo came down from his sugar high, we had a pretty successful party. Milo is already planning for next year! Whew, Im glad thats over with!


Shawn and Erica said...

oh my gosh! That is AWESOME!! I think I'm gonna have a rockband party for my birthday! Will you come put on tattoo's and spray paint hair and make the cake? How did you make that cake? It looked amazing!! Tell Milo happy birthday

Erin said...

Thank goodness for the cookie sheet under the cake, huh? That was a totally amazing party. I am way too lazy to do stuff like that. Milo sure is lucky to have such a great mom!

Haskins said...

THat looks like a fun party!!! He is one lucky boy!! That cake looks awesome!! Happy birthday Milo!

summer said...

WOW! You deserve "Mother of the Year". Seriously, I feel so lame about my mothering skills right now. Everything was so cute! I am jealous that Milo got to wear your Michael Jackson jacket.

Anne said...

It's a good thing Milo was sleeping when you baked the cake... he would of complained about you not letting ME make it when it came out looking like that!:) The kids had a blast at Milo's party. Thanks for letting Gage rock out for them. He loves that kind of stuff.

Julie said...

Fun party..sorry we missed it. We left for Spudman that day and grandma had plans for the kids. We will drop off a present soon. You are soo creative! loved the cake..I am impressed. We miss you over here!

Hayley Holliman said...

WHAT A GOOD MOM!!! I'm sorry we missed it. We had a Family Reuion. Hope everything is going good. HAPPY BRITHDAY MILO!!!

Rocia said...

awesome cyndi! we love milo, especially julia. i don't think she will ever give up the fact that milo is her 'only' boyfriend. we miss you guys.

laura said...

Cyndi Goodall!!!! What the heck! I just went through like five blogs and found yours. Crazy! I was talking to Ty and he said you and Summer have blogs. It's great to see you as a mommy with two little, very cute boys!

Laura (Rife) Buchanan

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