Monday, July 21, 2008

Fathers Day & Small Fires...

We had a great fathers day, Milo gave Russ a finger painting that was so cute, and we went to the cemetery to take flowers to Grandpa Goodall's grave, and then wrapped up the evening at a BBQ at Nana & Papas house.

This is a little Caterpillar that hitchhiked a ride on the flowers we brought to the cemetery. But it was major drama when it was time to leave and I told Milo that he couldn't bring it with us he had a huge meltdown! but after much arguing and tears we gave it a nice home on a tree, where it could raise a family of it's own. :)

So here's the story... It was lunch time, and Milo wanted his usual lunch of noodles with butter. So I put a pot of noodles to boil, and then I went upstairs, because i had heard that Auggie woke up from his nap. Well we were all upstairs for about 15 min. Then we came back down and sat on the couch in the living room, as soon as I sat down I could smell something burning and I just thought that is was the pot, because on our pots they have a plastic like handle and whenever the flames from the gas stove get to high it kind of makes a funny burning smell, so I glanced over at the kitchen and saw the whole roll of paper towels in FLAMES!!!! I freaked out, and ran to the kitchen, and was thinking of all the things I have heard of about kitchen fires, so I was thinking, what are you not suppose to pour on a flame on your stove? then I remembered that is if it is a grease fire. So I got a large pitcher and filled it up with water and threw it at the flame that used to be my paper towels! luckily it put it out, but not without making a huge mess! once I had a second to collect myself and look around, there were little pieces of paper towel ash ALL over the house, because the kitchen window was open and blowing it all over the place! which is how I assume the fire started in the first place. so after all was said and done, all that was damaged was underneath the counter top, it is just a little blackened and the light is a little bubbly. whew. it could have been allot worse.

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