Tuesday, July 29, 2008

24th of July

We had a pretty kicked back 24th this year, we pretty much did the usual festivities, Food, Friends and FUN! here are a few pitures of our little neighborhood firework show, and it was nice to do it outside of our house so we could put Auggie to bed!

{ James the Firework guy }

{ Rusty's Famous Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies!}

{The Fam (minus Aug.)}


summer said...

I can't think of a clever comment, sorry. Just wanted you to know I acknowledge your new post. Good job, I know they are a pain in the a**!

Tara said...

Hey-so I am glad your back and have a computer! How did the move go? Russ's hair is getting really long- I didn't reconize him at first.

Shawn and Erica said...

Rusty's famous mint chip cookies? Um, TELL ME MORE! how come I have never had them and I've never heard of them??

P.S. You wanna know what we were doing on the 24th? Oh you know, just working.... Apparently Tulsa doesn't support Utah in celebrating the 24th...and neither does any other state! Sucks for us!

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