Monday, August 2, 2010

The Story... and pictures!

Before... I had no idea what was coming!

On Friday July 30th (34 weeks and 4 days) we went into our regular scheduled MFM appt. to get a Doppler and a NST, that evening before was a horrible night, I was up all night with really bad stomach pains, indigestion, acid, and back pain but I had eaten nachos at 10:00 at night so I figured that was probably the cause? When I woke up that morning I had some bright red bleeding which I had never had this whole pregnancy? So we went into our MFM appt and they did a Doppler to make sure the blood flow was still good and the first thing we saw was BABY A HAD FLIPED! So I was beginning to think my bad case of indigestion was actually a baby flipping around wedging his butt right into my cervix! We couldn’t even believe it! I was so excited for a vaginal delivery! During the NST it showed I was having steady contractions every 2 min, but that was kind of normal for me except this time my back was hurting really bad! So they sent me to Labor and Delivery to be more closely monitored. Once I got there they checked me, and I was still at a 3.5 and about 80% effaced but they could feel the bag of waters bulging. They gave the news to my Dr. who said due to the baby A bottom being wedged in the birth canal we could go forever and not dilate because his head is not there to out pressure in my cervix. So he decided right then and there we would do a c-section! I sent my husband home to grab the camera, because we had nothing with us! Luckily we live about 5 min away from the hospital because they rushed me so fast in to the operating room that I kept panicking and saying “wait for my husband!” they gave me a spinal block, and I really thought I was going to pass out! I couldn’t breath<>

So here we are... I am home now; the babies are still in the NICU. It is a little harder to leave them there than I thought it would be. But I know they are safe and getting what they need to be able to come home ASAP!

Dad and his "boys" Milo, Auggie and Oscar

The after shot like "what just happened!?"

Snuggle with Oscar!


Emily said...

Congrats! They are beautiful. Any idea when they will be coming home??

sonja said...

They are just adorable! I'm so excited for you and your family! How are they doing in the NICU? How are you holding up. I know it can be difficult. I will pray you bring them home soon and for a speedy recovery from your c-section. Congrats again!!

Raquel & Marc said...

they are beautiful and so are you! congrats on your beautiful addition. i still think julia needs to marry milo. -raquel, (rocia's little sis)

Cami said...

WOW!!! glad you are all ok how exciting two beautiful babies... Congrats:)

Andrea said...

Congratulations, Lowrys! Glad to see that you and your new little ones are helathy and doing well! Cute names, too.

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