Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NICU day 20...

I can honestly say, I really didn't think they would still be in the NICU! We are just having the hardest time getting these two little ones to take their feeding through a bottle! they haven't even accomplished their first step of taking two feedings a day through a bottle, they don't even finish it half way!? Lola acts like she is going to just die with every uncontrollable gulp! and Oscar takes it so calm and slowly that he falls asleep before he can even get halfway done! Other than that they are healthy growing babies! Lola weighs 5lbs3oz and Oscar weighs 5lbs2oz! I cant tell you how many times i hear from the nurses and Dr's (which all have been amazing!) give it some more time and they will just take off! but I am feeling like we are going to be celebrating their first birthday there! so if anyone out there has some pointers on feeding lazy tell!


Amanda said...

Well I hate to compare but Matthew was there 90 long days. It feels like forever!! I think you can only understand if you have been there. Matthew took forever eating because he had reflux. He would eat half the bottle, burp, then refuse to take anymore. Turned out he had blind reflux the the painful burp caused him to refuse the rest. A little reflux medication worked like a charm. But that wasn't an option until his due date. As for Oscar, he has wimpy white boy syndrome and can't help himself, he'll just take longer. It is true, when they finally get it, they will be home in a matter of days. Matthew was 2 lbs when he was born and was 8 lbs when he came home as a 3 month old. It was strange. NICU days feels like the longest days of your life. Especially when you are just focused on the eating part. Hang in there. They are just still so young. Patience is the key at this point.

sonja said...

We have similar onesies -- my mom and sister made our babies ones that say 1, 2, 3, and 4. =)

As for advice on eating better -- oh, wow, it drove us NUTS how long we had to wait for our kids to eat their full feeds from bottles. I know that's not what you wanted to hear. =(

Some tricks you probably already know:
try cold formula
try rotating the nipple when they slow down to re-trigger them to suck
try using you finger to give some chin support
try pinching their cheeks
try a combo of chin support and cheek pinching
try changing the nipple -- some babies do better on different nipples (slow flow, softer nipple, higher flow)

Other than that it's just time and patience. It sucks because you can see they are otherwise healthy and totally ready to go home so it makes it drag and drag on! *hugs* hang in there. I hope you bring them home really soon!!

Emily said...

OMG-that is the same thing that is happening to us. They keep saying that they aren't taking their night feedings, but when I am here during the day they take their feeds no problem and are still looking for more. It makes me wonder how much the nurses are really trying.

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