Sunday, September 11, 2011

week re-cap {in pictures}

We offically have WALKERS! both the babies have been doing little steps here and there for months now, but they would never just walk freely. Well, just this week, while we were playing with the kids outside, Lola started to stand up all on her own and start walking! it was crazy because she had never done anyhting like that before! and the best part was that we have it on video! it is so cute.

Exactly on day after Lola decided to start walking, Oscar started doing the same. I really feel like they are so much happier now that they can walk! I probably will be regretting it soon, but for now it is a welcomed change.

Augy started pre-school this week, and he absolutely loves it! It is so great for him to get out and be with kids his age, and have a little structure. Plus, I love the one-on-one time I have with the babies while he is gone. While he is not at school, he is constanly riding his power wheels, he is obsessed!

 (this is a really poor picture) This is Milo and his map of Utah made with rice crispy treats. He was so excited about this.

Russ took the boys dove hunting, and "we" (meaning Russ and Milo) enjoyed some homemade dove nuggets. mmmm?

 This is a creepy spider the boys found, we kept it for a day, then let it go...far away from our house.

 Beautiful September sunset view from a park by our house...

Lola doing her baby Yoga :)

And last but not least... Russ and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last Monday! (we look like babies in this picture... )


Tara said...

Your kids are so Cute!! Those two twins are so sweet looking, I love their chubby cheeks. Glad you guys are doing good!!

Sammie said...

Hi, not so much a reply to this particular post, but a question re: your dehydrator.
I saw your post (and pictures) on the fruit leather article and got curious as to what dehydrator brand/type you own. It has separated fruit leather trays and two compartments on each layer?
Can you help me out?
Cheers, Xandra

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