Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School, Fun and Funerals

This has been a very busy week here! It started off with the Funeral of Russ' sweet Grandmother Betty Lola (Lola's namesake) It was a bittersweet occasion because Russ' Grandfather passed away exactly 4 weeks before his wife! It was sad to have them both pass, but it is comforting to know they are together, happy. I was able to do the casket pieces for the both of them, which is always enjoyable to me. it was a beautiful service. Milo was so emotional for Grandpas funeral, it was his first experience with losing a loved one and he is already a really emotional boy. He was a little better at Grandmas funeral, because he felt the peace and happiness in knowing that they were together. They will truly be missed.

Another big event this week... Milo Started School! 4th grade! Hallelujah! He was a little nervous the first few days, but he has been more excited lately. He is so hard on himself, it makes me so sad to see him struggle with his spelling and reading so much. I am anxious to talk to his teacher this year and see if she has any recommendations for ways that I can help him. there has got to be something! right?

Auggie will be starting Pre-school after Labor day, he is so excited and so ready to learn! it will be so Nice for me to only have 2 kids at home for 2 1/2 hours three days a week!

The Babies are just growing up, and I feel a little bad saying this, but I love it! I wish they were like 3 already. (three is the cutest age in my opinion) Oscar now has 6 teeth! and silly little Lola only has 2! they are developing such fun personalities. everyday is an adventure.

Milo eating his First Day of School, After School Snack... I may have had one too :)

Auggie and his cookie that i had to force him to eat, he thought it looked gross, until I literally had to force him to try a bite and he LOVED it! of course!


These were adorable little blankets and pillows that Nana gave to the Babies for their birthdays, They Love to snuggle them, and roll all over them!

"we climbed on the dishwasher, HIGH FIVE!"

Lola texting her Friends "my brother is so lame LOL"

Casket Piece for Grandma Ellsworth

Boutonnieres for pallbearers


Twinside Out said...

I am so sorry for the loss of Russ' grandparents. This must have been a difficult month for your family. (((hugs)))

Congrats to Milo on starting 4th grade! They grow so fast, don't they??

Your pictures are always so lovely! You have such an eye for beauty, and you capture gorgeous shots. And those flower arrangements - simply beautiful.

Alissa said...

you are so talented cindy! sorry about russes granny!

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