Wednesday, March 30, 2011

8 months old!

Here we are 8 months into this crazy mess called twins. Part of me cant believe we are already at 8 months, and the other part of me wishes it was more like 18  months! It definitely is getting a little easier... a little. Oscar just cut his first tooth 3 days ago! I would like to think that I could attribute that to his "grouchy" demeanor, but I really think that is just his personality :(  He is just more needy, whiny, and high maintenance... kind of like his daddy ;) And Lola is just a dream baby compared to Oscar (we still love you osckie) She will just lay on a blanket and be completely content with playing with her toes and cooing! she sleeps better than Oscar, which is a whole different post to come. I need some major help in the sleep situation here.
Lola is a great little sitter but she doesn't seem to be to interested in crawling yet. she just gets on her belly and spins circles, its pretty cute. But Oscar, he is SO close to crawling! he gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth and kind of does a little hop and then plops back down on his belly and army crawls to where he wants to go, which is usually wherever Auggie (3) is. those two are going to be troub.le.

I have so many pictures taken in the last month that are to cute not to share! so bear with me with I overwhelm you with pure cuteness...

Banana Time!

We call this face the "Evil Twin" it is seriously the scariest face and it happens all the time!

These are cute little knit boots handmade by Aunt Liz. Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen!?

got back fat?

Cute onesies made by a  girl I used to babysit.
  That's all for now. peace out.


Michele said...

OMG! I just want to nosh that baby back fat!

sonja said...

The photos are fantastic. The evil twin one is so funny! I love the banana shots, too. Do you have a program to edit your photos? They are always so good, I need something to edit with. My sis uses photoshop ... but maybe I just need to spring for an SLR camera?

Jude has turned into a super whiny baby these past 2 weeks, so I feel you about Oscar. Now that they all can reach out to me they are constantly doing it and whining, "mamamama." I only have one set of hands!! Frustrating for sure.

I hope the sleeping issues improve soon so you can get some much needed rest!

Emily said...

OMG-did you take these photos yourself? They came out so good. God, your babies keep getting cuter and cuter. The are just dolls!!! I love the back fat. Too cute.

Ashley said...

I love the photos, they are all adorable! I love chubby little monkeys! We had horrible sleep issues with our twinks as well but it appears to be getting better with some cry it out (not the technical version, we are just winging it)!

Stacey said...

OH MY your twins are gorgeous!! Love the evil twin picture, and the back fat...priceless!!!My B/G twins are now 17 months, (though premature so about 2.5 months behind)my 2 were similar to your at that age, our girl was a dream and so easy...Our little man was difficult to say the least...Let me tell you the rolls have now reversed and our Princess is now the boss of everyone in our house! WOW I'm in trouble with her! So nice to stumble across your blog! I'll be sure to check back!

Megan said...

so, so adorable!!!

Twinside Out said...

LOVE these pics!! They are so cute. :)

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