Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween & Blessing Day

Thing 1 (Oscar) and Thing 2 (Lola)

The Babies are doing good, we have had some sickness around and I think they got a little stomach bug which was no fun. The only issue we are dealing with right now is their slow eating! It takes them about an hour to finish off 4 ounces! and most of the time they dont even finish thtat much! they are only eating about every 4 to 5 hours (if I try and wake them any sooner to eat they freak out and wont eat more than an ounce) so they are only eating about 16 ounces a day, and everything I have read says they should be eating around 24 ounces a day!? I would really like to start training them to sleep through the night, but I feel like they need to be eating more to do that? yes? no? Other than that they seem to be doing well? they are really begining to communicate and smile alot! they are so much fun!


1 comment:

Whitney said...

Holy Cow!! They are adorable!! Lola's little earrings are way cute! :) I love their Halloween costumes! :)

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