Monday, May 21, 2012

Barstool Re-do

I have these bar stools that were given to me, they are the kind with the wicker seats, and since they are fairly older, they would constantly break apart and drop pieces of wicker all over the floor! it was getting very annoying sweeping up after evrerytime someone would sit down. however, I didn't have the money to buy new barstools (at least the ones that I would want.) So I decided to try and re-do my old ones.
This was a fairly inexpensive project that didn't like very much time at all. I was able to  purchase all the supplies I needed for this project at my local wal-mart.

I used:
8 cans of spray paint
2 yards vinyl fabric
4 foam pad squares
Hot glue gun

total cost: approx. $35.00
not to bad for 4 "new" barstools!


Notice the wicker seat. 
I removed the chair seat from the base. I cut out the foam pad to match the shape of the seat. it doesn't have to be to perfect, because the fabric will pull it out pretty smooth.

 Next, I cut the vinyl to be a few inches bigger than the size of the top of the seat. Then I layed the seat with the foam side down, on top of the back of the fabric. i worked my way around the entire seat, pulling the fabric up and over while laying a strip of hot glue to hold it on. Once I glue it all around and everything was secure, I cut out another piece of fabric that matched the shape of the bottom of the seat to cover all the gluing i had just done. And I hot glued that down as well.

While you have the seat off of the chair base, you can spray paint them any color of choice. I couldn't make up my mind, so I did a little mix:) all of these colors were found at wal-mart! each stool took a full 2 cans of spray paint which was a little surprising. let your chairs dry and replace the re-upholstered seats back on, and that's it! easy!


I used a vinyl fabric because I wanted something that would be easy to wipe down. But I am sure you could use an fabric you wanted, The fabric and paint options are limitless to customize to your style.

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