Friday, July 31, 2009

MiLo'S 7th BiRtHDaY!

Look at this sweet little baby! I cant believe he is 7 now! time has gone by so fast! we used to call this his "Tommy boy" face. He would smile really big and pull his chin back, and get all... chubby! and he had some CRAZY hair! he still is just as sweet as he was when he was a baby.

we started the day off right with Milo's favorite Birthday breakfast! which consisted of hash browns sausage and bacon and dutch babies (aka Swedish pancakes in mini muffin tins) mmmmm mmmmm!
This year all Milo wanted for his birthday was his room to be redone, so we gave him a little older room by painting it and adding a few new things and cool posters to it. He was really specific on the colors we could use and he really wanted under his loft bed to be an art studio! he was thinking that when kids came over they could purchase his art work, and that way he can earn money! what a great idea! LOVE IT!
The next day he had a luau/pool party with some Friends and family. It was tons of fun and as usual way to much food! but it was a great wrap up of Milo's Big Birthday Weekend! WE LOVE YOU MILO! HaPpy BiRThDaY!!!
I just had to throw in this picture of Auggie relaxing in Milo's new chair! he is so jealous of his big
brothers new room!


Tiff said...

Happy Birthday Milo!!! He really is such a sweet kid! I love his room so cute and Im sure if Krew or Kwinc came over they would for sure buy some good art work!

Romney Family said...

Happy Birthday to Milo!! they sure grow up way too fast!!

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